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It is such a pleasure to share some of my testimony and background with you! Just click on the following link for an audio message of my story and my desire to see others know the love and relationship I have with Jesus.

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Prayer Support

There have been so many prayer requests, and my heart is touched and as I sought the Lord, I felt that it might be helpful to share some of the things I have learned through the many years on principals of prayer.

How to Heal Bad Memories

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One of God’s Greatest Gifts….

Awesome power available to all of us through the resurrection of Christ Jesus....one of God's greatest gifts....forgiveness! Forgiveness not just for people but for painful incidents, destructive memories and wildly important, curses (negative judgments)....

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Changes and Advancement….

This new year has brought changes into my life and some very painful. I am so grateful for the prayers for me as I have fought chronic pain for many yars. The miracle is that when my body is 'screaming' my spirit is wonderful. I thank GOD HE has been with me through...

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I have learned to 'live to forgive' in so many wonderful ways.  Today I want to share the blessing for those who are hurting or dealing with ongoing chronic illness.   I have learned we not only can forgive people and circumstances, but the same pathway of prayer to...

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This is a wonderful time of year....we thank God for the birth of Jesus and HIS love for all of us.....however, there are times of tension and offense and there is a great way to handle either..... Just click on the link! Merry Blessed Christmas to All from BLESSED...

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