Honoring The Miracle Of Friendship!


If we could only see into the Supernatural….Wow, that would sure change a lot of things….however, knowing Jesus we believe in the Supernatural Eternal that dominates our world and the ‘here-after.’

Lots of things to pray for, especially the families affected by the recent earthquake.  However, please allow me to bring something a little closer to our realm.  MaryAnne Butler, Vice-President of Blessed Abundance Ministry and friend  since 1978, graduated (as my son, Greg would say) to be with the Lord on Mother’s Day, 2015.

This email is to honor her and share the miracles I saw God work in her life.  She has been one of my heroes for years because she fought to be rid of an allergy that caused all her skin to itch.   She prayed, sought medical doctors, alternative doctors, nutritionists, etc.  She would get better, but never completely free…..the hero part is that she could not dye her hair, wear make-up or jewelry, and even some fabrics were irritating….. so the ‘hero’ part is that she never lost faith in Jesus and her attitude was always great!  Oh, she had her down times, but her ability to keep on, keeping on was awesome!

We don’t think much about friendship as a ‘miracle’ but it is.  The blessings we receive from others, the prayer partnership we share, is part of the Kingdom of God within us, and many lives are changed by our prayer agreement–more than we ever know.

Transition is the word the Lord gave me about the anointing He gave her.  As she was continually in the middle of changes in business, relationships or friendships she was praying for smooth transition for all  who were involved.  And, most of the time the recipients had no idea they were being blessed.  Now, how many of us would think of that or even do it  (unless of course we were ask to) ?

Last August MaryAnne (she liked MerryAnne) was told she had liver cancer.  We all began to pray, she chose to do chemo-therapy.  As she went through three attempts to handle this she had to have a ‘pace-maker’ installed in her heart, lost her hair, and was unable to eat very little.  She had her down times but still held her faith for healing and prayed for everyone around her.  She would stop the technician when he gave her blood transfusions and say, “Wait I have to pray this is the blood of Jesus you are using.”  She inspired other patients around her and helped them though their transition as she went through hers.

One night a couple of weeks ago, I watched a episode of NCIS Los Angeles.  One of the detectives brought in a huge cactus.  At the end of the show as he returned to the office there was a beautiful large white flower on the top of the cactus.  That next morning as I prayed for MaryAnne I had a vision of a beautiful tall cactus with a gorgeous white flower at the top and the Lord said to me,  “MaryAnne is like this cactus, taking in hurts and pains all her life and now she is like that beautiful flower blessing all who know her.”   I shared this with her and she was in tears, it touched her heart–ten days later she was gone.  The miracles she was responsible for through her prayers only God knows, and now she may know too.  The vision was a miracle, especially since God seemed to use a TV program to set it up.

If there is one word to describe MaryAnne, it would be KIND.  She had a few distant relatives however, no children, never having married,  she was family to everyone around her, one of the most generous, kindest person ever–and oh, yes she was just a young 67.

Thrilled to think of her in heaven, but sure leaves a hole in our heart–we will all miss her–the world was a better place because of her.  And, we will have to pray more to fill the gap  because we are now missing a great prayer-warrior!

Pressing in, and on pressing on in her memory…..



Mothers Protect Women In The Future….

With speeches, programs and projects for change in the situation of women in the world I had some of my own thoughts that I feel would help

Most single mothers (and 47 of all families are single parents) are in a defense mode, a survival mode and they need desperately  to learn to change focus.  I have had personal experience, and known many other single mothers in my life.

I learned very late that I was not a victim and there was a lot I could do to help myself. The need is to be offensive, having confidence in themselves to achieve and do well in raising their families.  A great need is to teach both boys and girls to honor and respect the opposite sex and to instill in them a protective attitude for that perspective.   That must start when they are toddlers .  Too often history repeats and generations duplicate abuse and loss.

One suggestion in accomplishing this is teaching that we are children of God, and with Jesus in our lives we have a Heavenly Father who loves and values us and all we are.  This takes some time in knowing about Jesus and who we are in Him and the abundant life He wants us to have.  It is the thief that comes to ‘kill, rob and destroy’ by planting evil thoughts and fear, doubt and depression.

We must fight this and we need to share with these single parents as I did recently, “You are not a victim, you are a strong woman of God, with value, gifts and talents….God really loves you!”  She just beamed and had a new attitude to face her problems.  I reinforce that as often as I can.  I was surprised because I didn’t plan to do that…….must be the Holy Spirit!

Once that confidence is there the parent can instill different attitudes in their children, especially when they understand they can and need to do that….a secure future with honor and respect for each other.

Check our page list for prayer helps and lists of who we are in Christ.  We can all help others, so keep pressing in and pressing on…..

Jesus, The Reason For The Season!

I used to be upset at the commercialism of Christmas until the Holy Spirit showed me it was HIS expanded plan. Not only is it a time to celebrate and revel in the joy of the birth of Jesus, but also a time to bring blessings into the world.

The spirit of giving is everywhere, missions and ministries are prospered. Businesses may go from loss to profit. Jobs are created to build, ship and sell product. Workers receive extra hours that benefit their households. And, opportunities are available to bless people and share the Gospel of Good News of our JESUS!

Is there abuse of all this….of course….the enemy never misses an opportunity to kill, rob and destroy. But greater is HE that is in US than he that is in the world. (John 10:10; I John 4:4)

Reading Smith Wigglesworth the other day, he said, “As the HOLY SPIRIT is in us, and HE carries the GLORY of GOD, we can release the GLORY of GOD to the world through our words.” WOW! That is a cool thought, and a little scary–I know for me I should watch my words all the time. So here is a covert plan to infiltrate the commercialism with the GLORY of GOD.

To bless means to: To hallow or consecrate; to invoke divine care for —used in the phrase bless you to wish good health; to praise, glorify ; to speak well of; approve; to confer prosperity or happiness upon; preserve, endow favor. (Means all those things and more, check your Webster’s Dictionary)

So when we bless the people who serve us at the grocery store, drug store, gas station, department store etc…..when we say “GOD bless you, thanks for being here.” or “Blessings to you and your family as Jesus is the reason for the season, and I appreciate all you do.” You know, make up your own blessing.

I have done this for many years and never had anyone refuse the blessing. Many times they give it back to me. This is the way we can spread the true Holiday Spirit, keeping Jesus in our heart and mind, and truly loving the ‘world’ as GOD so loved the world HE gave HIS SON. Blessing is small in comparison, but powerful in the supernatural! (John 3:16)

Blessings to all of you….Let’s roll….JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

Pressing in and pressing on…..

The Holidays–Family Feast Or Famine?

The Holidays are intended to be a time of JOY, full of the GRACE and LOVE of GOD.

It should be a Divine Spiritual Feast of all those things! Then what is this famine I am referring to? Just a plan of the enemy to bring heartache and havioc. Already I see problems in families begin to arise, as the enemy of mankind, the devil, begins to send out spirits of deceit, dissention, contention, criticism and hopelessness–that he might kill, rob and destroy any plans for the GOODNESS of GOD to work in our hearts.

Tis a special season of recognizing and thanking JESUS for the Abundant Life, HE died to give us. Being aware of the devil’s evil tactics to tempt us into ‘self-pity,’ and judgment of others, gives us the advantage. (John 10:10)

I Peter 5:8 warns us to Be sober, be vigilant; because our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour….Whom we must resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in our brethren that are in the world.

My take on that, is, that Peter is telling us we are not alone in the fight. Peter is not telling us to look for ‘demons behind every bush’ but not to be unaware of the possibility of a problem and to know in advance that as we submit to God, and resist the devil he must flee….(James 4:7)

And, that to me, means to be prepared, to repent quickly for our own unkind words or thoughts, to forgive quickly others in any offense or out right act of meaness, and pray blessings everywhere we go. That might mean we will have to give up our right to be right to show the meekness and love of God.

I love the Scriptures in Matthew 16 and 18 on binding and loosing….once done on our part is done in heaven. So that we can bind, rebuke, or say ‘no’ to the evil spirits in advance, in any area, and trust the Lord for the rest.

For instance I might pray that a gathering of my family would be blessed, that we would have favor with each other, and then bind the spirits of gossip, dissention, division and unkindness to be bound, and pray Angels will do spiritual warfare on our behalf. All in the Name of Jesus and for the Glory of God, in praise and thanksgiving.

I’m sure not recommending you stand up in the middle of THanksgiving Dinner and the rebuke the spirit of gluttonny…..ho ho, not at all. Thanking and blessing God with our praise paves the way to happiness and the joy of the Lord. Then being confident in who we are as children of God just be firm in our resolve to bring the love of God where ever we go, and stand fast against the enemy and any self-pity on our part, no matter what!

Those who do not have family are truly vulnerable at this time. I hope they too will be aware, and find friends to spend time with and share Jesus as well!

May our precious Lord bless each and every one with SHALOM peace, the Godly wisdom we need, and an over abundance of love to enjoy, share and give away!


Alzheimer’s Disease….Hope And Healing From God!

This is Alzheimer's awareness month, and it fit very well into something I have been praying about for some time!

I am appalled at the statistics on mental illness in our country, even in children…..time to turn the corner and work on a different approach.  I have had the privilege of talking and interviewing Nita Scoggan about the healing of her husband through prayer and nutrition.  WOW!  So I want to share her story with the world, and the things revealed to me, that we should all be doing!

 Nita's story can be found on this link: www.5minutemiracle.com/mir/190.html   It is about 14 minutes and worth every second!

For the 'battle approach' God revealed to me, go to this link:  www.5minutemiracle.com/mir/192.html  and join the effort….so needed and so powerful!

 Nita's book BOOST YOUR BRAIN DIGEST  can be found on her website:  www.nitascoggan.com  

For prayer for the mentally ill, we have a page listed on the right, that has worked for me and others who take the 'principals of prayer' and use them against the enemy and in this fight for the Kingdom of God!  Just click on the page on the right…… 

Thank God we have the spiritual tools and a mighty God to back us up…..Thanks for joining in building the Kingdom of God on earth for our King Jesus!


Pressing in and pressing on….

Happy 75th Birthday!

Hi my name is Greg and I am Carol’s youngest son and that is a picture of me with my mother on her 75th birthday party.Carol Purcell 

Her party was held at my older brother Patrick’s house in Redding California and I flew up from Escondido California to surprise her.  It was very exciting to see the look on her face when I walked in the door.

It was a great birthday that mom said she will never forget.  My brother, his wife and kids did an excellent job on her party and we all had a fantastic time.  Complete with great food, a cake and “birthday blessings” that brought tears to her eyes.

Patrick Writer

So I thought I would surprise her once again!  So I got her username and password to this blog and I am making this post without her knowing.  🙂

Sharing her birthday with all of her blog followers…I thought you would enjoy!

I also wanted to say that I am so proud of my mother, she is incredible and our family is so blessed to have such loving strong spiritual leader in our family.

This web site, her 5 Minute Miracle Newsletter and her ministry is just amazing. 

What she knows about working online is absolutely incredible for a person of her age and it has not come easy to her.  She has worked for years figuring out everything about how it all works.  Her patience and tenacity is a testimony to her passion to make a difference in the lives of people worldwide.

And last but not least I want to thank YOU for reading her blog, joining her teleseminars, buying her books and I pray and hope that this blog and my mothers newsletter is a blessing to you and your family.