Jesus, The Reason For The Season!

I used to be upset at the commercialism of Christmas until the Holy Spirit showed me it was HIS expanded plan. Not only is it a time to celebrate and revel in the joy of the birth of Jesus, but also a time to bring blessings into the world.

The spirit of giving is everywhere, missions and ministries are prospered. Businesses may go from loss to profit. Jobs are created to build, ship and sell product. Workers receive extra hours that benefit their households. And, opportunities are available to bless people and share the Gospel of Good News of our JESUS!

Is there abuse of all this….of course….the enemy never misses an opportunity to kill, rob and destroy. But greater is HE that is in US than he that is in the world. (John 10:10; I John 4:4)

Reading Smith Wigglesworth the other day, he said, “As the HOLY SPIRIT is in us, and HE carries the GLORY of GOD, we can release the GLORY of GOD to the world through our words.” WOW! That is a cool thought, and a little scary–I know for me I should watch my words all the time. So here is a covert plan to infiltrate the commercialism with the GLORY of GOD.

To bless means to: To hallow or consecrate; to invoke divine care for —used in the phrase bless you to wish good health; to praise, glorify ; to speak well of; approve; to confer prosperity or happiness upon; preserve, endow favor. (Means all those things and more, check your Webster’s Dictionary)

So when we bless the people who serve us at the grocery store, drug store, gas station, department store etc…..when we say “GOD bless you, thanks for being here.” or “Blessings to you and your family as Jesus is the reason for the season, and I appreciate all you do.” You know, make up your own blessing.

I have done this for many years and never had anyone refuse the blessing. Many times they give it back to me. This is the way we can spread the true Holiday Spirit, keeping Jesus in our heart and mind, and truly loving the ‘world’ as GOD so loved the world HE gave HIS SON. Blessing is small in comparison, but powerful in the supernatural! (John 3:16)

Blessings to all of you….Let’s roll….JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

Pressing in and pressing on…..

Mom’s In The Hospital – Prayer Request

Hi I am Carol Purcell's son and I wanted to ask for YOUR prayers.

At about 9am today mom called and was very out of breath and feeling terrible with very tight closed restricted feeling in her chest and asked me to come get her and take her to the emergency room at the hospital.

So within 20 min I had her at the emergency room at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido Ca.  They did all kinds of tests and praise Jesus all tests came back showing no signs of a stroke or a heart attack and everything looks ok.

The decided to keep her overnight in the hospital just to be safe.

I know that thousands of people have been blessed with my moms ministry and I wanted to share this news with you and ask for your prayer. 

PLEASE post your prayers below as a comment and I will share them with mom when she is feeling well enough to get back on the computer.

Thanks & blessings to you!


PS She's probably going to be really upset I posted this picture 🙂

Damn The Devil; Where Is The Church?

From Genesis to Revelation there is reference to, information about and result of the devil’s activities in the world.  Yet, it is though the devil has been able to throw a new veil over the minds of men (since the veil that kept men from God was ‘rent’ –torn– asunder when Jesus died), that we not only do not confront the demonic world, we don’t even talk about it.

There are THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIES of people being set free from evil spiritual influence, and yet our world is full of ‘good’ people working against the Kingdom of Heaven with anger, sex, perversion, lust, greed, judgment and independence, and there is an unholy silence about the evil influence in or on their lives.

It is easy to get any addiction we want to replace our hurts and needs, we can have anything we want, even Christians (people who have chosen Jesus Christ as their Savior). And, more evil than the sins (lack of trust in God) is this MASSIVE MOVE TO JUSTIFY OUR POSITION (what ever that is) and still hang on to Jesus!

And before we jump to any self-righteous conclusions—”that is not me”—if we are not praying and standing against the evil (for people and against the evil working on or in them) we are just as guilty or even more so.

If, in the thousands of people I reach with my newsletter, I had a request for deliverance, where would I send them?  Are there churches doing personal deliverance?  Are there loving people who will hate the sin and truly love the sinner?  Is deliverance widely known even though not widely accepted?  Jesus did it, the disciples did it!  What are we thinking?


Because I don’t hear about ‘what the devil is doing’ only what is going on in the world of flesh and blood.

I am not talking about committees, classes on marriage, raising children, praise and worship or all the many good and necessary things the church does.  And I am certainly not talking about crying out to God to do what Jesus directed and gave us authority to do.

I am talking about confronting…..saying NO to the devil and his activities.  Declaring the truth and demanding the change. 

When people pray, when Pastors ban together and take authority over their cities, states, etc; awesome things happen.  Abortion is stopped without laws, storms are diverted and dissipated, corruption is revealed, wars are won, and elections are won,  on and on, ….in the Name of Jesus. 

We can’t fight a war we don’t know we have.  Jesus said the thief comes to steal, rob and destroy…. what is there in that we don’t understand?  Pray the Lord will open minds and hearts to the Truth and God’s Will and Ways!


AND, Personal ‘warfare’ should be personal.  Corporate warfare against principalities and powers should be done corporately in prayer groups, etc. 

Matt 16 and 18; Luke 10:19; Eph 6; Acts 10:38; James 4:7; Luke 18:1-10 and more!