Changes and Advancement….

This new year has brought changes into my life and some very painful. I am so grateful for the prayers for me as I have fought chronic pain for many yars. The miracle is that when my body is ‘screaming’ my spirit is wonderful. I thank GOD HE has been with me through it all. His words to me have been, “I did not cause this but I will use it.”
So I thank GOD as this healing is a process and I am gtting better every day!

Last week my long time prayer partner and companion, in ministry, Judy Benner, went to be with the LORD. I am thrilled for her as she is happier now than she has ever been….that’s heaven, of course. I have been in mourning and praying about the change this will mean in life. I express my grief in tears or emotion, then give it to the LORD and have peace.

I have been so aware of the supernatural realm because of this and how we are in it now and when we ‘graduate’ like Judy we just take up a ‘new body’ and a new residence. This puts life in perspective. When our loved ones go we don’t lose them, they aren’t lost, but truly ‘found’ in the arms of JESUS. We are left with memories of them to cherish and enjoy forever. Thanking GOD for the time we were with them, not focusing on what we are missing,

So we too advance to a new season without the physical touch of that person but the spiritual joy of their presence in our memory.

Blessings to all who are facing ‘advancement’ in some area of life, we can do all things through CHRIST JESUS, who strengthens us!



This is a wonderful time of year….we thank God for the birth of Jesus and HIS love for all of us…..however, there are times of tension and offense and there is a great way to handle either…..

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Merry Blessed Christmas to All


Murders and Shootings….Why Is This Happening?

Tragedy strikes across the world–with 9 people shot in Church this week in America, and Christians beheaded in the far east…and just as I was working on this the news reported 3 more violent incidents in the world today killing hundreds.

These messages are intended to help understand the dark evil side of the world we live in and how to arm yourself and family against violence….out of a sadden heart and with great faith in God, especially from Luke 10:19 and 2 Timothy 1:7   I respectfully offer these two messages to you:

Blessings and POWER from our Jesus,


Honoring The Miracle Of Friendship!


If we could only see into the Supernatural….Wow, that would sure change a lot of things….however, knowing Jesus we believe in the Supernatural Eternal that dominates our world and the ‘here-after.’

Lots of things to pray for, especially the families affected by the recent earthquake.  However, please allow me to bring something a little closer to our realm.  MaryAnne Butler, Vice-President of Blessed Abundance Ministry and friend  since 1978, graduated (as my son, Greg would say) to be with the Lord on Mother’s Day, 2015.

This email is to honor her and share the miracles I saw God work in her life.  She has been one of my heroes for years because she fought to be rid of an allergy that caused all her skin to itch.   She prayed, sought medical doctors, alternative doctors, nutritionists, etc.  She would get better, but never completely free…..the hero part is that she could not dye her hair, wear make-up or jewelry, and even some fabrics were irritating….. so the ‘hero’ part is that she never lost faith in Jesus and her attitude was always great!  Oh, she had her down times, but her ability to keep on, keeping on was awesome!

We don’t think much about friendship as a ‘miracle’ but it is.  The blessings we receive from others, the prayer partnership we share, is part of the Kingdom of God within us, and many lives are changed by our prayer agreement–more than we ever know.

Transition is the word the Lord gave me about the anointing He gave her.  As she was continually in the middle of changes in business, relationships or friendships she was praying for smooth transition for all  who were involved.  And, most of the time the recipients had no idea they were being blessed.  Now, how many of us would think of that or even do it  (unless of course we were ask to) ?

Last August MaryAnne (she liked MerryAnne) was told she had liver cancer.  We all began to pray, she chose to do chemo-therapy.  As she went through three attempts to handle this she had to have a ‘pace-maker’ installed in her heart, lost her hair, and was unable to eat very little.  She had her down times but still held her faith for healing and prayed for everyone around her.  She would stop the technician when he gave her blood transfusions and say, “Wait I have to pray this is the blood of Jesus you are using.”  She inspired other patients around her and helped them though their transition as she went through hers.

One night a couple of weeks ago, I watched a episode of NCIS Los Angeles.  One of the detectives brought in a huge cactus.  At the end of the show as he returned to the office there was a beautiful large white flower on the top of the cactus.  That next morning as I prayed for MaryAnne I had a vision of a beautiful tall cactus with a gorgeous white flower at the top and the Lord said to me,  “MaryAnne is like this cactus, taking in hurts and pains all her life and now she is like that beautiful flower blessing all who know her.”   I shared this with her and she was in tears, it touched her heart–ten days later she was gone.  The miracles she was responsible for through her prayers only God knows, and now she may know too.  The vision was a miracle, especially since God seemed to use a TV program to set it up.

If there is one word to describe MaryAnne, it would be KIND.  She had a few distant relatives however, no children, never having married,  she was family to everyone around her, one of the most generous, kindest person ever–and oh, yes she was just a young 67.

Thrilled to think of her in heaven, but sure leaves a hole in our heart–we will all miss her–the world was a better place because of her.  And, we will have to pray more to fill the gap  because we are now missing a great prayer-warrior!

Pressing in, and on pressing on in her memory…..



The Cross of Christ Jesus For Us Today!

I feel it is so important as we honor all Jesus has done for us,

that we also take a look at what it will do for us today!

Please click here for audio:

Blessings to all….we are so blessed to celebrate this

Easter Holiday as we enjoy the “heart” of it for us

through the Holy Spirit!


Pressing in and pressing on…..




Making Changes Can Be A Mystery!

Sometimes circumstances change and we must make changes….even when we think we are on track with the Lord and His direction for our lives.

This has just happened to me, as I knew from prayer and confirmation from others that we were to move our ministry (and myself of course) to Mesa, Arizona.  We did that in August, 2014, everything fell into place, we received the finances and great favor.  I met several people who received the message of forgiveness and healing bad memories.  I made contact with several ministries and really  enjoyed the people, and two cousins I have who live there.

Then in January 2015 I felt we would have to make changes and in prayer the Lord told me over and over just  “TRUST ME.”   As the month developed it became clear, a move back to San Diego was necessary.  I began to have ‘doubts and misgiving about the previous move’–of course the devil never passes up an opportunity to work on our faith.

My great special friend, Martin, said he would come to Arizona and help me move.  And, he did….a true blessing from God.  I am truly blessed because my son, Greg and wife, Mary asked me to stay with them.  It is a blessing also to have family around and a very comfortable place to stay.  As Greg has worked with Blessed Abundance Ministry, he will be of great help.  Greg is President and I am Treasurer and do the interviews, but couldn’t do it without help from so many others.  Thank you!

I thought my health would improve in Arizona, after all BY HIS STRIPES I AM HEALED.  But instead, my health got worse–that is a mystery.  No matter what,  I told myself and the devil,  that I would never lose faith and relationship with my Jesus.

One of the many wonderful intercessors and friends, Anita  gave me a word from God that reached my soul and gave me peace.  That we had dug some ‘spiritual wells’ in Arizona that would continue to grow, and lives that were changed.  It is never important to be complimented  but  to be encouraged — so wonderful to work with the Lord to build His Kingdom here on earth.

When things change suddenly we must praise God and I decided to live in Romans 8:28–GOD WORKS ALL THIN TOGETHR FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD, etc…..God does not ’cause’ all things–God does not tempt or cause evil but works to change them. .  In my case there is a good reason for the drastic change in my life and ministry,  at this time, even if I do not see or understand it.

So whatever you are going through, or what we see in the world, we must cling to the Word of God and the persons of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the faithfulness of our Holy Spirit–continue to thank and praise and pray against the work of the enemy!

Blessings, Grace, Favor and Joy in our Jesus!