Happy 75th Birthday!

Hi my name is Greg and I am Carol’s youngest son and that is a picture of me with my mother on her 75th birthday party.Carol Purcell 

Her party was held at my older brother Patrick’s house in Redding California and I flew up from Escondido California to surprise her.  It was very exciting to see the look on her face when I walked in the door.

It was a great birthday that mom said she will never forget.  My brother, his wife and kids did an excellent job on her party and we all had a fantastic time.  Complete with great food, a cake and “birthday blessings” that brought tears to her eyes.

Patrick Writer

So I thought I would surprise her once again!  So I got her username and password to this blog and I am making this post without her knowing.  🙂

Sharing her birthday with all of her blog followers…I thought you would enjoy!

I also wanted to say that I am so proud of my mother, she is incredible and our family is so blessed to have such loving strong spiritual leader in our family.

This web site, her 5 Minute Miracle Newsletter and her ministry is just amazing. 

What she knows about working online is absolutely incredible for a person of her age and it has not come easy to her.  She has worked for years figuring out everything about how it all works.  Her patience and tenacity is a testimony to her passion to make a difference in the lives of people worldwide.

And last but not least I want to thank YOU for reading her blog, joining her teleseminars, buying her books and I pray and hope that this blog and my mothers newsletter is a blessing to you and your family.