Prayer For Mental Illness!





Praying For The Mentally Ill!



A caution as you hear the message….if we are ‘judging’  (which is normal) the activities and actions of our loved ones, we must stop doing that.  God knows what they are doing, He only needs to know what we believe Him for….so we must look past the problems to the solutions with our God.  I do not in any way suggest we ignore medical help.  Some times people are healed and the demonic influence leaves; some times they are delivered of the demonic influence and then are healed.  In all cases we trust God!


The following are Scripture Principals (Spirit & Life) For Prayer.  This is very generic or general, please when using these, make them specific to the needs of the person you are praying for, and let it become a part of your spirit, working in and through your relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit!


Thank You Father God, hallowed, honored

and blessed is your Name:


Mark 4:5          Parable of the Sower.     

Luke 11:2-4      Lord's Prayer

John 20-23       Forgiving Sin   

Eph 3:10          Declaring the Truth

Mark 16:15-18   Believers will….       

Eph 6:10-        The War

Matt 27-51      The Vail Torn       

Rev 19:10         Prophecy of Jesus

Matt 16:18       Bind, Rebuke, Renounce      

Luke 10:19       Authority

Luke 18:1-10     Men ought always to pray.           

Acts 2:39         Promise

Rev 12:11         They overcame….Through the Blood of Jesus!

Col 1:13,14        Delivered from darkness

I John 4:4       Greater is He that is in us…..                    


Respectfully submitted:  Carol Purcell



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