Surviving The Storms Of Life….

I rarely use the material from others, but today I received something that gave me a new perspective on the storms of life, we all face.  I had been readings the prayer requests and many need the miracles and favor of the Lord and this helped me to put it in a truly 'spiritual' light.


Prayer Flare

Imagine being trapped in a dark, damp cave with no light, no provisions, no means of communication and no one who knows where you are. After three days, what might you be experiencing? Add to the picture that you are underwater…miles beneath the surface of the ocean, and the cavern is the belly of a great fish. Talk about distress!


When my life was fainting away, I remembered the Lord, and my prayer came to you, into your holy temple.

Jonah 2:7

Such was the situation for Jonah in today’s verse. In his disobedience, he tried to run from God and was now suffering the consequences of his choices – his life utterly beginning to leave him. The only S.O.S he had to send was prayer. Yet, even from the depths of the sea, the Lord heard him and answered, rescuing him from the calamity that He Himself had allowed.

Is there a dark place of anguish holding you captive? No matter how bleak the circumstances or how great the sin that entangles, call upon the Father in prayer and He will hear you. Send a personal prayer flare, anticipating the Lord’s deliverance. Pray also for redirection for America’s leaders…that they would once again place their trust in God.


That message was from   the Presidential Prayer Team, a important sight– I hope you will check it out.


The point the message makes is no matter what the  situation it is not a surprise to God and He will see us  through it or out

of it with the direction of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Things of our country look bad, of the world look bad.  In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve gave away their dominion when they agreed with Lucifer, the devil.  We cannot afford to agree with all the evil reports of today….'we don't want to give away the garden again' so to speak.  All our agreement empowers the enemy. 


However, we aren't in the belly of a whale, we are in the most progressive, advanced society ever.  There are more believers in the Kingship of Jesus than ever in history and growing daily.  Our agreement against the powers of darkness can turn it around, so as the message from the Presidental  Prayer Team suggest, pray for (not against) our Nation and our leaders.


If it is a friend or a family member you are praying for, get agreement with the promises of God……there is power in agreement with the Holy Spirit, our Jesus and our Heavenly Father!   If we are in the 'end times' it should be the end of demonic rule, as we are victorious with the words of our testimony, and the  blood of the  Lamb!  Blessings in Jesus….


Pressing in and pressing on…..