Does God Really ‘Allow’ All These Bad Things?

During a conversation with a friend I remarked on the

difference between the word allow and the word permit

where the Lord is concerned.  I am so blessed as I

ask the Lord to help me understand His ways and

His heart, how faithful He is…..

I have known for years that God does not ‘allow’

sickness, poverty and pain.  But He does permit

it because in giving mankind ‘free will’ God limits

Himself as His gifts and callings are without

repentance–so He does not violate His own


Allow means to give full agreement and approval

to something.  Permit just means to give permission.

The Lord does not bring sickness to teach us

something, even though He will bring good

out of what the devil means for evil. (Rom 8:28)

What a blessing to understand the heart of God and what

He wants for us….hope this will help you as it has

impacted my life:

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Scripture references used;

Genesis 1 & 3    Revelation 4:11   Job 1 & 3

Luke 22:31 Acts 10:38, 39     Psalms 5:4

Ezek 18:23 & 32 Rev 12

The Broken Body Of Jesus….

We find that Paul tells us in I Corinthians 11 to follow the words of Jesus at the last supper in communion–eating the bread representing His Body and drinking the wine representing His Blood.

I personally love to take communion and I know some teach about taking it unworthily and I agree we need to know what and why we are doing this physical act that connects us to the Supernatural Kingdom of God!  So I think it is a good idea to ‘judge’ ourselves (verse 31) as 1 John 1:7 tells us the blood is continually  (right now, today) cleansing us from all sin–study of the Greek in that verse tells us it is ongoing–What a thrilling thought–No end to that blessing.  Do we have to confess our sins?   Why wouldn’t we want to?  Just between us and the Holy Spirit….how cool is that!

But the ‘unworthily’  part I believe is more about knowing, recognizing and thanking Jesus for the price He paid with His Body and Blood.  “Life is in the Blood” Leviticus 17:11 tells us….however, I just couldn’t understand why Jesus body had to be broken, especially since I knew He had no broken bones?   (John 19:36)   So as I do all the time I ask the Lord to help me.

Reading a small book on communion the other day, the Holy Spirit interrupted  me  with “the body carries the authority on the earth” and I put the book down and smiled and thanked Him for such a great word of understanding–the body carries the authority on earth and the blood carries the Life–I began to mediate on that and so much fell into place–here is what it opened to me:

God breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve that was carried in their blood.  (Genesis 1-3)

God gave them authority and  dominion in the garden manifesting  in their body.

Adam and Eve with their disobedience came into agreement with the Angel Lucifer–Satan. (Genesis 1-3)

We have authority in our bodies today….we control all around us with what we think and do.

The Body of Jesus was broken to crush the authority of man’s fallen nature, and that authority has been given again to man in His resurrected Body of the New Covenant!

Being a part of Christ Jesus–born again believers–we take communion of  His broken body in remembrance of Him  to heal the broken authority of our physical bodies,  and the Blood (wine) that covers, redeems, delivers, protects and heals to confirm our New Covenant.  Praise The Lord!   (Exodus 12:13; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; Hebrews 9:22; Rom 3:25)

Lord, lead us from Glory to Glory in all that You have paid for and provided!  Amen! and Amen! (2 Cor  3:18)

Pressing in and pressing on…..



The Holidays–Family Feast Or Famine?

The Holidays are intended to be a time of JOY, full of the GRACE and LOVE of GOD.

It should be a Divine Spiritual Feast of all those things! Then what is this famine I am referring to? Just a plan of the enemy to bring heartache and havioc. Already I see problems in families begin to arise, as the enemy of mankind, the devil, begins to send out spirits of deceit, dissention, contention, criticism and hopelessness–that he might kill, rob and destroy any plans for the GOODNESS of GOD to work in our hearts.

Tis a special season of recognizing and thanking JESUS for the Abundant Life, HE died to give us. Being aware of the devil’s evil tactics to tempt us into ‘self-pity,’ and judgment of others, gives us the advantage. (John 10:10)

I Peter 5:8 warns us to Be sober, be vigilant; because our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour….Whom we must resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in our brethren that are in the world.

My take on that, is, that Peter is telling us we are not alone in the fight. Peter is not telling us to look for ‘demons behind every bush’ but not to be unaware of the possibility of a problem and to know in advance that as we submit to God, and resist the devil he must flee….(James 4:7)

And, that to me, means to be prepared, to repent quickly for our own unkind words or thoughts, to forgive quickly others in any offense or out right act of meaness, and pray blessings everywhere we go. That might mean we will have to give up our right to be right to show the meekness and love of God.

I love the Scriptures in Matthew 16 and 18 on binding and loosing….once done on our part is done in heaven. So that we can bind, rebuke, or say ‘no’ to the evil spirits in advance, in any area, and trust the Lord for the rest.

For instance I might pray that a gathering of my family would be blessed, that we would have favor with each other, and then bind the spirits of gossip, dissention, division and unkindness to be bound, and pray Angels will do spiritual warfare on our behalf. All in the Name of Jesus and for the Glory of God, in praise and thanksgiving.

I’m sure not recommending you stand up in the middle of THanksgiving Dinner and the rebuke the spirit of gluttonny…..ho ho, not at all. Thanking and blessing God with our praise paves the way to happiness and the joy of the Lord. Then being confident in who we are as children of God just be firm in our resolve to bring the love of God where ever we go, and stand fast against the enemy and any self-pity on our part, no matter what!

Those who do not have family are truly vulnerable at this time. I hope they too will be aware, and find friends to spend time with and share Jesus as well!

May our precious Lord bless each and every one with SHALOM peace, the Godly wisdom we need, and an over abundance of love to enjoy, share and give away!


One Of The Greatest Things I Ever Learned!

Early in my ‘walk with God’… know, after inviting Jesus into my heart and life, I set out to learn all I could about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Someone, and only God knows who, told me to always, and I mean always submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit before reading or listening to any teaching. (2 Corinthians 8:5)

In doing that the Holy Spirit will cause us to question something that is not of God. Sometimes we are taught things that have been taught and handed down from person to person, who, because they respect the speaker, teacher, accept it as truth without thinking through how it lines up with all the Bible. So important that we think not just listen.

The positive side is that the Holy Spirit will convict (convince) us of important things we need to know. God is so Good!!!

Someone else, taught me to have ‘ethical theology’……that which I believe is consistant from Gensis to Revelation of the Heart of God. Since man was under ‘law’ in the Old Testament and under ‘Grace’ (empowered by Jesus) in the New Testament we always need to examine what we believe and have faith in, by Jesus, his life and His teachings.

This has helped me immeasurably to work my way through so many ideas and ideaologies, available to all of us. I pray it will do the same for anyone reading this for the first time. It also has enabled me to love, and care about, those I don’t agree with in doctrine. We, in the Body of Christ are one in the Spirit, not in mental assent. Blessings, blessings, blessings in our Jesus!

Pressing in and pressing on….

How Do We Own The Blessings?

I just posted a testimony of a family that served God for most of their lives…..children, grandchildren, etc.  Did they have  problems, I would imagine they did, and survived and were blessed through their devotion and faith.

I am the first in my family, thanks to my middle son, Patrick, to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Thanks to his personal love and affect of his relationship with God, the family has been drawn  into the Kingdom, and we see blessings and miracles often.  Do we have struggles, you can bet we do….but the  answer to 'own the blessings' is all tied up in relationship and the Grace of God.

Grace is unmerited favor; Grace is the empowering presence of God; Grace is the bridge between the wrath (God's settled opposition to sin) and the love of  God!

The first step is to ask Jesus and  the  Holy Spirit to come into your life and be Lord (owner) of all you do…..Owners are responsible for those things they own. This does not  take  away our 'free will' it just gives us access to our Heavenly Father (Creator of the Universe) and undeserved blessings, favor and joy!

And  as you get to know Jesus both intellectually and spiritually and most  of all experientially you and those  you invite into this Kingdom on Earth, will  begin  and continue  to 'own the blessings' of God outlined in the Bible.

Eternal security with Jesus is the most important, but why would we not want to help Jesus with others, our family and regain the earth for Jesus with our faith and devotion now, so that we  will have rewards in Heaven as He is promised?   "But without faith it is impossible to please him:  for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."  Heb 11:6   

That was a rhetorical question!  If I could break the bonds of my past, you can do it too…..start today….if you already have what we have discussed, increase and multiply with your example of Grace, Mercy and Favor, in and through our Jesus!