The Broken Body Of Jesus….

We find that Paul tells us in I Corinthians 11 to follow the words of Jesus at the last supper in communion–eating the bread representing His Body and drinking the wine representing His Blood.

I personally love to take communion and I know some teach about taking it unworthily and I agree we need to know what and why we are doing this physical act that connects us to the Supernatural Kingdom of God!  So I think it is a good idea to ‘judge’ ourselves (verse 31) as 1 John 1:7 tells us the blood is continually  (right now, today) cleansing us from all sin–study of the Greek in that verse tells us it is ongoing–What a thrilling thought–No end to that blessing.  Do we have to confess our sins?   Why wouldn’t we want to?  Just between us and the Holy Spirit….how cool is that!

But the ‘unworthily’  part I believe is more about knowing, recognizing and thanking Jesus for the price He paid with His Body and Blood.  “Life is in the Blood” Leviticus 17:11 tells us….however, I just couldn’t understand why Jesus body had to be broken, especially since I knew He had no broken bones?   (John 19:36)   So as I do all the time I ask the Lord to help me.

Reading a small book on communion the other day, the Holy Spirit interrupted  me  with “the body carries the authority on the earth” and I put the book down and smiled and thanked Him for such a great word of understanding–the body carries the authority on earth and the blood carries the Life–I began to mediate on that and so much fell into place–here is what it opened to me:

God breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve that was carried in their blood.  (Genesis 1-3)

God gave them authority and  dominion in the garden manifesting  in their body.

Adam and Eve with their disobedience came into agreement with the Angel Lucifer–Satan. (Genesis 1-3)

We have authority in our bodies today….we control all around us with what we think and do.

The Body of Jesus was broken to crush the authority of man’s fallen nature, and that authority has been given again to man in His resurrected Body of the New Covenant!

Being a part of Christ Jesus–born again believers–we take communion of  His broken body in remembrance of Him  to heal the broken authority of our physical bodies,  and the Blood (wine) that covers, redeems, delivers, protects and heals to confirm our New Covenant.  Praise The Lord!   (Exodus 12:13; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; Hebrews 9:22; Rom 3:25)

Lord, lead us from Glory to Glory in all that You have paid for and provided!  Amen! and Amen! (2 Cor  3:18)

Pressing in and pressing on…..



Honoring The Miracle Of Friendship!


If we could only see into the Supernatural….Wow, that would sure change a lot of things….however, knowing Jesus we believe in the Supernatural Eternal that dominates our world and the ‘here-after.’

Lots of things to pray for, especially the families affected by the recent earthquake.  However, please allow me to bring something a little closer to our realm.  MaryAnne Butler, Vice-President of Blessed Abundance Ministry and friend  since 1978, graduated (as my son, Greg would say) to be with the Lord on Mother’s Day, 2015.

This email is to honor her and share the miracles I saw God work in her life.  She has been one of my heroes for years because she fought to be rid of an allergy that caused all her skin to itch.   She prayed, sought medical doctors, alternative doctors, nutritionists, etc.  She would get better, but never completely free…..the hero part is that she could not dye her hair, wear make-up or jewelry, and even some fabrics were irritating….. so the ‘hero’ part is that she never lost faith in Jesus and her attitude was always great!  Oh, she had her down times, but her ability to keep on, keeping on was awesome!

We don’t think much about friendship as a ‘miracle’ but it is.  The blessings we receive from others, the prayer partnership we share, is part of the Kingdom of God within us, and many lives are changed by our prayer agreement–more than we ever know.

Transition is the word the Lord gave me about the anointing He gave her.  As she was continually in the middle of changes in business, relationships or friendships she was praying for smooth transition for all  who were involved.  And, most of the time the recipients had no idea they were being blessed.  Now, how many of us would think of that or even do it  (unless of course we were ask to) ?

Last August MaryAnne (she liked MerryAnne) was told she had liver cancer.  We all began to pray, she chose to do chemo-therapy.  As she went through three attempts to handle this she had to have a ‘pace-maker’ installed in her heart, lost her hair, and was unable to eat very little.  She had her down times but still held her faith for healing and prayed for everyone around her.  She would stop the technician when he gave her blood transfusions and say, “Wait I have to pray this is the blood of Jesus you are using.”  She inspired other patients around her and helped them though their transition as she went through hers.

One night a couple of weeks ago, I watched a episode of NCIS Los Angeles.  One of the detectives brought in a huge cactus.  At the end of the show as he returned to the office there was a beautiful large white flower on the top of the cactus.  That next morning as I prayed for MaryAnne I had a vision of a beautiful tall cactus with a gorgeous white flower at the top and the Lord said to me,  “MaryAnne is like this cactus, taking in hurts and pains all her life and now she is like that beautiful flower blessing all who know her.”   I shared this with her and she was in tears, it touched her heart–ten days later she was gone.  The miracles she was responsible for through her prayers only God knows, and now she may know too.  The vision was a miracle, especially since God seemed to use a TV program to set it up.

If there is one word to describe MaryAnne, it would be KIND.  She had a few distant relatives however, no children, never having married,  she was family to everyone around her, one of the most generous, kindest person ever–and oh, yes she was just a young 67.

Thrilled to think of her in heaven, but sure leaves a hole in our heart–we will all miss her–the world was a better place because of her.  And, we will have to pray more to fill the gap  because we are now missing a great prayer-warrior!

Pressing in, and on pressing on in her memory…..



Celebrating The ‘S’ In Christmas!

Christmas, the miracle birth of Jesus Christ, is Supernatural.  Because Jesus was born and became our Saviour  (Luke 2:11)….we were allowed to become Saints because of Him (Romans 1:7) and we are Sanctified–‘set apart for Holy use.’  (2 Tim 2:21)

Think how humbly Jesus came into the world, and how He was revealed to the most humble of men–shepherds.  (Luke 2)  To humbly seek and to grasp, to understand, the Supernatural, the Spirit realm, we need to be ‘born again’ and use our imagination– both are wonderful gifts of God!  (John 3:5,6)

S could stand for Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and small s for the spirit within us… Supernatural all of this is….that the Holy Spirit works with our spirit that we may be used for Holy Use….not our works….but the Holy Spirit working within us.  (Gal 2:20)

Well all that because a Child was born, so many reasons to celebrate!  Take time during this Holiday Season to just take a few seconds to rejoice and celebrate in your heart!  Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of your life!




Thousands LOST–The Cross Of Christ Is There!

A storm beyond any we have seen takes thousands, and leaves devastation in the Philipplines….

What about those who did not know Jesus or accept Him before they died?  I want to share an awesome revelation I have received in the last couple of years that has given me great comfort in hearing of death and disaster.  This has been my experience and I pray it will help you as it has helped me in knowing what a loving Heavenly Father we have in provision for every soul.

We all pray the relief efforts are magnified and the Angels assist in aiding in the disaster, that  ‘Life will manifest where death is trying to work.’   And the power and strength of God will fill hearts, minds enabling all for the work ahead……all in and through our Jesus!

This in no way heals the empty hurt and pain….however, I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort the Loved Ones left behind with warm memories, His comfort and peace, and renew their faith with His Word.  Blessings in our Jesus and love  in Him!


Pressing in and pressing on……







How Do We Get A Miracle?

 Miracles are answers to prayer where God changes the 'reality of something in our world.

There are facts and there is truth….for instance the facts can be that  the doctors have said a person has 'incurable' things going on in their body, but the truth is, healing cam come  because 'greater is He that is in the person, than he that is in the world.'

And we do not trust  in what we say as much as what we say that is spiritual agreement with God and will bring 'spirit and life' to the situation–it is His power not ours.

I have seen instant miracles, instant healings….each have been different, and each a testimony to God's goodness. Many have also been healed by doctors, and at times, diet and supplements.

There are no formulas but there are 'principles of prayer' that help us to stand in faith, some are outlined in the Lord's prayer.   Not formulas or law, but foundational  principles that the Holy Spirit can use in our life as we pray, i.e. acknowledging God and thanking Him (two of many).  It is so cool that we have three persons in one  God  working on our behalf.


PRAYER.  Hope to have it available soon.

My best, warmest advice always is to love God whether we get our miracle or not. Never confess that it is not happening….we always want to be in agreement with the Word of God that 'all things are possible.'

Pressing in and pressing on….