This new year has brought changes into my life and some very painful. I am so grateful for the prayers for me as I have fought chronic pain for many yars. The miracle is that when my body is ‘screaming’ my spirit is wonderful. I thank GOD HE has been with me through it all. His words to me have been, “I did not cause this but I will use it.”
So I thank GOD as this healing is a process and I am gtting better every day!

Last week my long time prayer partner and companion, in ministry, Judy Benner, went to be with the LORD. I am thrilled for her as she is happier now than she has ever been….that’s heaven, of course. I have been in mourning and praying about the change this will mean in life. I express my grief in tears or emotion, then give it to the LORD and have peace.

I have been so aware of the supernatural realm because of this and how we are in it now and when we ‘graduate’ like Judy we just take up a ‘new body’ and a new residence. This puts life in perspective. When our loved ones go we don’t lose them, they aren’t lost, but truly ‘found’ in the arms of JESUS. We are left with memories of them to cherish and enjoy forever. Thanking GOD for the time we were with them, not focusing on what we are missing,

So we too advance to a new season without the physical touch of that person but the spiritual joy of their presence in our memory.

Blessings to all who are facing ‘advancement’ in some area of life, we can do all things through CHRIST JESUS, who strengthens us!